Learn to play the piano

Learn to play piano, take online piano lessons or take piano lessons at a music school. If you want to start playing the piano, there are several possibilities plan te learn to play. So you can choose to take piano lessons at a music school or piano lessons at home. But you can also learn to play the piano online. This can be done via YouTube or at websites that offer online piano lessons.

Piano teacher

It differs per student what is the best way to learn to play piano. If you find personal guidance and attention important, then it is wise to choose a traditional piano teacher.

A piano teacher has many advantages if you want to learn how to play the piano in the right way. This way you can indicate your personal preference and discuss together what you think is a pleasant way of working. In addition, you will immediately be corrected if you do something wrong.

A piano teacher will motivate you extra and is a stick to practice. It is possible to take piano lessons at a music school or get piano lessons at home.

Learn to play the piano online

If you prefer not to be able to take or take piano lessons at fixed times and you are sufficiently disciplined and independent, then online piano lessons are a godsend. You can log in at any time and resume your piano lessons. Learn to play the piano online is in most cases a lot cheaper than a traditional piano teacher.

Learn to play the piano

Tips for learning how to play piano

Buy or rent a digital piano or acoustic piano
Play songs that you like yourself

Practice 15 daily up to 30 minutes
Play with feeling and passion
Listen to piano music a lot
Play a song by ear
Doe finger exercises (can anywhere)
Do not practice too long, but often
Do exercises where both hands do something different
Install one metronome app (Free)
Find a source of inspiration (a pianist or music style)
Practice scales, chords and discover patterns
Place the piano in an inviting place
Be patient and do not force
Improvise occasionally
Practice at a leisurely pace
Ensure a correct sitting posture
A keyboard is not a piano
Do not stare blindly at nuts
Music is feeling and emotion
Trust your hearing
Trust your feelings
Enjoy the piano sounds
Let the piano resonate
Take piano lessons

Learn to play the piano

Useful links and apps

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Learn to play the piano
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