Piano occasion

Although the focus is on us lease of digital pianos, it is also possible to use one advantageouslypiano occasionto buy. Fairly regular occasion models are available for affordable prices.

We only sell the better brands such as Yamaha, Roland and Korg. In addition, all our pianos have 88-weighted and touch-sensitive keys. This is important for correct development of the technique in the fingers.

Piano occasion

What is a pianooccasion

A piano occasion is one as good as new digital piano, which is sold for an adjusted price. So you do not immediately pay the main prize if you want to play the piano. The digital piano has been completely checked and tested. So you are sure that you buy a digital piano occasion for the long term that you will enjoy for years.

Because we are convinced that we offer good quality pianos, we also guarantee the sold digital plan.

Buy piano occasion

If you want to buy an occasion piano, it is wise to first contact us. Since the availability of the occasion pianos is constantly changing and we want to avoid disappointments.

We may not have a digital piano occasion available for sale. If that is the case, renting with a purchase option could be a good solution. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

Rent with purchase option explanation

Regardless of where you buy a piano, it is advisable to get good advice. It is wise to play different pianos in order to get a feel at the various pianos. It is then important to focus on the sound of the piano and how the attack of the piano keys to the touch. Of course the eye also wants something and it is also important that it is beautiful and appropriate for the living room.

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