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* Prices are including VAT

Yamaha P35 / P45 digital piano
Rent from € 25, - pm withpurchase option
(entry beginner piano)

6 months from € 45, - pm
12 months from € 35, - pm
24 months from € 25, - pm

Now renting

Yamaha P45 Stage piano hire

Yamaha P35 / P45

Korg SP250 digital piano
Rent from € 30, - pm with purchase option

6 months from € 50, - pm
12 months from € 40, - pm
24 months from € 30, - pm

Now renting

Korg sp 250 digital stage piano hire

Korg SP250

Yamaha P105 / P115 digital piano
Rent from € 35, - pm withpurchase option

6 months from € 55, - pm
12 months from € 45, - pm
24 months from € 35, - pm

Now renting

Yamaha P115 digital stage piano hire

Yamaha P105 / P115

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Kawai ES100 digital piano
Rent from € 40, - pm

6 months from € 60, - pm
12 months from € 50, - pm
24 months from € 40, - pm

Now renting

Kawai ES100 Piano hire

Kawai ES100

Roland FP30 digital piano
Rent from € 45, - pm

6 months from € 65, - pm
12 months from € 55, - pm
24 months from € 45, - pm

Now renting

Roland FP30 digital stage piano rental

Roland FP30

Yamaha P255 digital piano
Rent from € 60, - pm

6 months from € 80, - pm
12 months from € 70, - pm
24 months from € 60, - pm

Now renting

rent a stage piano

Yamaha P255

Rent with purchase option explanation

All digital pianos are in new condition or as good as new and have 88 weighted and touch sensitive keys and a headphone connection. We rent all our digital pianos including a sturdy, adjustable cross stand, sustain foot pedal and lectern. This is further expandable with a wooden furniture frame, piano stool and headphones.

Day rent

* Prices include VAT

Yamaha P255 digital stage piano
Rent for 1 dayfor € 250, -
(All-in rate including transport,
installation, adjustment and piano bank)

Reserve piano for 1 day

rent a stage piano
The price for piano day rental includes delivery and collection within a radius of 50 km from Uithoorn. We deliver the piano on location and the piano is installed and adjusted for play.

How does it work

You choose one digital piano that you would like to rent. Or if you prefer to be advised, you can be advised by a digital piano advisor. The consultant will discuss the needs and wishes together for appropriate advice. This can be done by appointment in the showroom, by telephone or by mail.

The basic rate includes a cross stand, sustain foot pedal and lectern. You can also choose additional options such as a wooden furniture frame, piano stool and headphones. If you know which piano you want to rent, then choose a rental period from 6, 12 or 24 months.

It's possible to for € 50, - have a piano delivered to your home (including installation) or to make an appointment in our showroom to play various models.

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Digital srent piano

You can do a digital internship rent piano for 1 day or longer time. Buy digital piano? We have every now and then piano occasions for sale.

Ask for the rental options for the region where you would like to have a digital stage piano delivered.Read alsohow many keys a piano hasof what a digital piano is.

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