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Rent digital piano for 1 day or longer time? is the trusted address for the lease was from digital pianos. You can contact us for renting a digital piano, stage piano or a classical digital piano.

We rent exclusively the best brands digital pianos including Yamaha, Roland, Kawai and Korg. You can do an electricrent piano for 1 dayor rent a digital piano for 6, 12 or 24 maanden. This way you can easily discover whether playing piano is a suitable hobby for you. View the rental options or go directly tonow for rent for the current rental offer.

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Why rent a piano

More and more people now choose to rent a digital piano first, before they purchase a digital or an acoustic (real) piano. You pay a relatively low amount every month, but you play on a full electric piano High Quality. It is an inviting way toaffordable to test or playing piano well for yourself or your child.

The rental of digital pianos means playing the piano become accessible for every budget. As a result, we see a digital piano appearing in more and more living rooms, so that more people can enjoy this wonderful instrument. Besides the rental for a longer period of time,many of our customers hire a digital one piano for 1 dayfor ao wedding, funeralor event.

rent digital piano

Starting pianist

Many novice pianists often start very bad enthusiastic and motivated playing with piano. Yet a large part of the students eventually stop playing the piano. Often already in or after the first year, making the piano little or no longer used.

It is important for starting pianists to see if to play the piano going to be a hobby for the long term. That's why many beginners choose to rent a digital piano. To keep the costs and risks limited.View the rental options.

What is a digital piano

A digital piano is a digital instrument that mimics both the sound and the keystroke of an acoustic piano. A digital piano has (just like a real piano) 88 weighted and touch sensitive keys making it play and feel like a real piano. Only a digital piano is more compact, smaller and lighter.

Hammer mechanisms (hammer action) are incorporated into the piano keys in virtually all digital pianos. In addition, the keys of a digital piano play a bit heavier in the bass, and as you go higher in tone the keys become slightly lighter. Just like a real piano. This makes the keys feel true to nature and realistic to. That's how you develop directly the right oneTechnic and the transition from an electric piano to an acoustic piano will proceed smoothly.

Rent a piano

Advantages of digital piano

A digital piano is the solution if an acoustic (real) piano is not possible. This is possible simply because you find the purchase price too high or you live in an apartment with limited space.

Fortunately, a digital piano has been created to mimic an acoustic piano without compromising on authenticity and sound. Making it possible for you to fully enjoy piano playing. You can play on a digital pianoplaying with headphones on the piano and the volume can be set as desired. This prevents noise nuisance in roommates or neighbors and you can play the piano until late in the evening. In addition, an electric plan little space, and is not very heavy. This makes it easy to move a digital piano. Moreover, a digital instrument is required never to be voted. So you save on voting costs, maintenance costs and transport costs.

A digital piano has different piano sounds andconnectivity options including midi, usb and audio. This makes it easy to connect a digital piano to a computer or a sound system. Also, most digital pianos have one recording function what is useful to you piano playing to listen back. Read alsohow many keys does a piano have?

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Digital piano delivery service

You can rent a digital piano and have it delivered by our delivery service on location. We rent digital pianos in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, Haarlem, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Breda, Almere and Amersfoort. Before you go to rent a digital piano, check out therental possibilities.

Our rental benefits

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