Piano hire for 1 day

A digital one rent piano for 1 day canfrom € 190, -. Including delivery and installation of the piano. If you rent a piano for one day, you can use the digital piano for up to 4 days. This way you can also use the digital piano for a long weekend. If you want to rent a digital piano for longer than 4 days, we would like to make onetailor-made offer.

Piano hire for 6, 12 or 24 months

You can join usrent digital piano for a period of 6, 12 or 24 months. The longer the rental period, the cheaper the rental price.

You rent a digital piano including a cross stand, a lectern and sustain foot pedal. This is further expandable with a wooden furniture frame, piano sofa and headphones. After the rental period the rent will stop automatically and you can opt for an extension, buy the piano or pick up the piano again.

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Rent with purchase option

Renting a piano with a purchase option is the ideal way to see if playing the piano is a hobby for the long term. We offer a purchase option for various digital pianos.

If you are for one purchase option choose, after the rental period a part of the already paid rent will be settled with the purchase price of the digital piano. If the remaining amount of the digital piano is satisfied, you are the owner of the digital piano.Read more about renting with purchase option.

Pay attention! Not every digital piano has a purchase option.

Piano hire for 1 day

Delivery throughout the Netherlands

We deliver digital pianos throughout the Netherlands. In a radius of 60 km around Uithoorn are the costs€ 40, - per transport. Custom delivery costs apply outside a radius of 60 km. The delivery costs include installing and making the digital piano ready for play. The piano bringing is one transport and the piano pick up is one transport.

With day rent we deliver the digital piano ourselves. If you rent a digital piano for a longer period of time, you can choose to pick up the piano yourself.

* Prices include VAT

Conditions for renting the piano

-A valid identity card and correspondence with name and address is mandatory
- In case of damage, any repair costs will be passed on to the tenant
-The digital plan is rented including accessories

-A lease is made
- We rent a piano for 1 day ourselves
-You do not pay a deposit

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Rent and save

If you rent a digital piano with usyou save automatically 10% of the rental amount. The saved amount can be spent to one digital occasion piano to buy. Imagine you rent a digital piano for € 60, - per month for 12 months. Then you save € 6 per month and after 12 you have saved € 72, - in total. This amount is deducted when purchasing an occasion piano.

Caution! The saved amount can only be spent on the purchase of occasion models and is not valid in combination with a purchase option or hire purchase. Number of piano keys.

Rental options
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